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Hair Flop!

Yesterday’s post was a call to action for all women to embrace and love vintage!  I mentioned that I am quite the slob about my hair.  I’m madly in love with women with perfectly coiffed hair.  It makes me ever so slightly jealous.  However, I know myself well enough to know that I’m never going to achieve hair greatness.

First of all, I’m lazy.  There! I said it.  It’s true – I really am.  I have a good strong work ethic and I’m incredibly driven when I’m interested in a project, but when it comes to personal appearance?  Capital L, lazy.  I only wash my hair once a week and I brush it about the same amount.  I’ve read reviews of women that also only wash their hair every 6-10 days.  Their hair is healthier, shinier, and thicker because of it.  I’ve got a big ole mass of hair on my head (even after losing quite a bit of it during treatment this summer).  These other women, however, are using dry shampoo and styling it in different ways and curling, blowdrying, hairspraying it.  Uh…..gosh, that sounds like a lot of work!  Me?  It’s in a ponytail, a bun, or a braid nearly every day with my bangs pinned up with bobby pins.  Bobby pins are a lazy girl’s bff!

Take this look, for instance, where I was dressed WAY up, in a civil war ballgown for a dance.  Looks like I fixed my hair and it looks elegant, sort of, right?

hair 1 hair 2

Nahhhh, not really.  My boyfriend, bemusedly watching my prep process, commented that there were hairs sticking up everywhere in the back and it was lopsided etc.  Basically, I took my hair into a ponytail, rolled and tucked it all up and stuck about 300 bobby pins into that mess.  That’s why there are no pictures of it from behind.

One of the features I’d like to start on this blog, in keeping with the average everyday woman’s take on things is an “I tried it so that you didn’t have to”  type of post.  Let’s get the ball rolling with a look at the time I tried to fix my hair in a 50’s style scarf updo.

I LOVE scarves.  I like the big fluffy ones that you wrap around your neck in winter.  I like the floaty chiffon ones for cute little neck bows.  I love all scarves and I have a ridiculously large collection of them that will be added to my shop when it goes live next week.  When I had super short hair, I wore a head scarf daily.  So, I thought, “a scarf hairstyle will be easy for me, right?”…..riiiiiiiight.

There are dozens of great youtube and pinterest tutorials out there that can teach you how to achieve these darling hairstyles.  I found a youtube tutorial and gave it a go.  Well, sort of.  I am TERRIBLE at following directions.  This is me while watching a tutorial:  you want me to TEASE my hair? Nah, I don’t need to do that.  Skipping this part.  Oh, I don’t have whatever tool that is.  Fast forward. Fast forward.  What on earth is she doing?  Skip, Skip.  Wait, what did I miss?

This is me with any instructions or directions. When I learned how to knit, I found a fantastic book called Stitch ‘n’ Bitch that I highly recommend to anyone that is wanting to learn to knit.  I used it for the basic stitches.  When it came to following patterns?  I was hopeless.  I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve spent so many years resisting authority figures or if I’m really just that stubborn or if I can’t pay attention long enough to follow directions.  I think it’s a combination of the three.  My trademark reply to commands?  “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO”.  Oy vay.  It’s a little embarrassing now that I’m older but it is still my immediate response.

So, needless to say, a tutorial was useless to me.  Even after three watches and no less than a dozen different attempts at fixing my hair, my updo looked nothing like the elegant retro style featured on the tutorial.  I ended up with a ponytail.

scarf 1 scarf 2 quiche 2

So, there you have it.  If you can follow directions better than I can, I suggest checking out this pinterest tutorial.  I also have tons of great 1940’s hairstyles on my Pinterest.  Or you can just be lazy like me and throw  your hair in a sloppy ponytail and wrap a scarf around it.

Rock that vintage, girl!


I’ve had numerous people remark on my style throughout the years, often expressing admiration or an inability to “wear vintage”  Often women make comments such as,  “I can’t put outfits together” or “I don’t look retro enough to wear vintage”.

Vintage is for EVERYONE.  It truly is.  Perhaps you look at some of the beautiful women that dress in pinup style with perfectly coiffed retro-styled hair and shoes, makeup, and accessories straight from another era, and you’re intimidated by the effort that goes into it or by how well put together they are.  I LOVE that style and I admire women that can pull it off…. but it’s not for everyone.  Me? I’m hopeless at hair.  Any attempt I’ve ever made at a retro hairstyle has been a hilarious flop.  I couldn’t be a pinup if i had an team working on me every day.  I’m too lazy and impatient for all of that.  I still love vintage clothing and I wear it nearly every day!

The key to wearing and loving vintage?  Don’t change your style to do so!  Make the vintage work for you!  You can update any vintage item to work with your existing wardrobe.  The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable and to only wear it if you love it!

Personally, my favorite go-to wardrobe item is a 50’s style day dress. I know that the cut fits my figure well. I can throw on a cardigan and a plain pair of flats and viola! my lazy ass doesn’t have to put any effort into matching or putting together an outfit.

Today’s outfit illustrates how you can update vintage items fairly easily and without the outfit looking old or outdated. The skirt I’m wearing is a 90’s skirt (we sure loved our floral prints in the 90’s) that I’ve had for years and years. Because I love mixing patterns, I’m wearing a striped top with it but really any plain top would work. I think this outfit looks fairly modern and you can’t really tell that I’m wearing a skirt that I bought at a thrift shop for $3 nearly 15 years ago!

Don’t be intimidated by vintage. I believe that there’s a vintage style that will look great on anyone – you just have to find your style. Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern. Don’t be scared of prints. And for heavens sake, don’t be discouraged because you don’t look like someone you saw in a magazine! HAVE FUN!!

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need you

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Making Stuff and Things with Geek-Betty

I, like pretty much everyone else on the Internet, LOVEEEEE those carefully put together blogs that show a person’s life in perfect HD clarity, never a hair out of place, always neat, happy, and expensively curated.  I’m not kidding.  I do love those blogs.

Let’s be honest, how realistic is it?  I don’t know about you, but my life is nowhere near as picture perfect as all that.  And yet, I still make great food, craft my little heart out, read great books, and sometimes throw together a good looking outfit.  I’d say I fall in with 80% of women out there when I say that my life is messy, amiright?!

Okay, maybe I’m not your average garden variety mom.  Who is??  What is average in this day and age?  Sure, I have tattoos but apparently one in five people have tattoos now.  And yes, I’m a divorced single mama.  Let’s not go into the stats on that *cough*.  We’re a new generation of shakers, bakers, and homemakers, and we’re pretty damned rad if I do say so myself.

I’m here to tell you how it really is.  I’ll try things so you don’t have to.  I too am underfunded (hell, really broke at times), out of time, too impatient, just plain bad at following instructions, and I think it’s easier to cook with a beer in hand.  Don’t be scared, this will be fun!!

Let’s get shit done together!

Daily Gratitude

Often, during the month of November, people embark on a month long journey toward gratitude.  There are blog and instagram and daily facebook “today I’m grateful for” posts.  What a wonderful way to celebrate life, right?

While I’m all on board for capturing the spirit of gratitude prior to Thanksgiving, what about real and true daily gratitude?  How often do we remember to pause in the hustle and bustle of daily life to take a deep breath and really appreciate what we have?  I feel like I’m a person that remembers to be grateful for the life that I’m allowed to live – but I don’t remember to appreciate it every day.

I’ve long struggled with bouts of depression in which I forget to be grateful for anything.  My boyfriend told me that he overcame a period of depression in his own life when he started keeping a “grateful things” list.  I scoffed a little at how simple the idea was.  I didn’t spend 6+ years studying psychology and treating disorders such as depression because I believed it can all be fixed with a list.  However, I’m starting to think he’s really on to something.  Sure, a list won’t CURE or fix everything.  But changing your thinking?  Recognizing how lucky you are?  Those are all helpful tools on the way to making your life fulfilled and happy.

There are so many small and wonderful things that we are allowed to experience by just being alive.  Food, for one.  TASTE BUDS ARE AMAZING, amiright?!  Sex, for another.  I’m unabashedly pleased that sex is in this world.  The feel of a soft cotton throw, hugs from little kids are awesome.  I mean, every single moment of life is made possible by a natural reflex that we are all born with.  Breathing is something we all take for granted.  I urge you to stop everything that you are doing, right now, just pause and take a deep breath.  Relish, for a moment, the lift and fall of your chest, the sweet way the air fills your lungs, and how great it is to release that breath.  Now tell me, isn’t that freaking awesome?  We are alive because our bodies’ reflexes.

Okay, okay, I’ll calm down and stop being so over the top grateful.  You get my point though, right?  The goal is to share my Grateful Things List with y’all, and hopefully you’ll share with me as well.

I’ll start today with a very simple grateful thing:  I’m beyond happy to wake up each and every day.  I’ve just completed my second bout of chemo for ovarian cancer and I never forget to be grateful that we caught my cancer so soon and that there were treatment options available to me.  Life itself is pretty fucking cool.