Heartstopping Aran Fisherman’s Sweater

There are moments when you’re collecting vintage items when you unwittingly pick up a piece that has a poignant and profound history behind it.  That is definitely true of this aran fisherman’s sweater:

knits all good sweater 1

When I started to research the sweater I discovered that there is a rich and wonderful history behind this sweater.

“From its origins, the Aran sweater has been intimately linked to Irish clans and their identities. The many combinations of stitches seen on the garment are not incidental, far from it. They can impart vast amounts of information to those who know how to interpret them. Aran sweaters were, and remain, a reflection of the lives of the knitters, and their families. On the Aran islands, sweater patterns were zealously guarded, kept within the same clan throughout generations. These Aran sweaters were often used to help identify bodies of fishermen washed up on the beach following an accident at sea. An official register of these historic patterns has been compiled, and can be seen in the Aran Sweater Market on the Aran Islands.”

How heartbreaking is that?  I tried to find out which clan this particular sweater belonged to but there are just SO many different clans that it was impossible to pinpoint the right one.  I had no idea that this was a tradition in Ireland.

Read more about the history of aran sweaters here.

Thought I’d share a little tidbit about this great item that is now listed in the GeekBetty Vintage Etsy Shop.

Suddenly Fab

india dress 5

india dress 2.1


There’s no better style for an up-and-coming working girl than this dress…. in 1990, that is.  This is a gal that works hard and plays harder!  She rocks out to Madonna but knows how to keep it classy and fun in the workplace.  On the weekends, she really let’s her hair down and sports fun prints, tons of jewelry, and a classic red pout.  She’s independent, witty, and she puts the F U in FUN.

We binge watched “Working Girl”, “Suddenly Susan” and “9 to 5” to get in the mood for this collection of clothing!  We love the free spirit mythos that went with early 90’s style.  It was all about accessories, patterns, bows, and FUN.  Our model Meg is keeping pretty true to the heart of early 90’s working girl style with a scarf knitted around her pixie locks and a gold brooch pinned to her lapel.


The India-ago-go dress is vintage early 1990’s; blue silk dress with allover french horn pattern. Jewel neckline with buttons down the front of the bodice to the waist, medic style closure to the left of the bodice. Navy blue plastic buttons, knee-length skirt. Long “leg o’ mutton” sleeves, slightly poufed at the shoulder and contains shoulder pads (would be fairly easy to remove shoulder pads). Buttons at the wrist. Has belt loops but does not have a belt with it.  Size: 10. Measurements; bust: 22″; waist: 16.5″ (has elastic, so there is some give here); hips: 22″; length: 41″.  Price: $42.00  

Adding a little 90’s flair to your wardrobe can really spice up a blah collection of clothing.  90’s fashion was so fun and fearless!  You don’t have to go full tilt, as we did with Meg’s look here.  You can add a fun blouse with a pencil skirt or a funky sweater with leggings and capture the spirit of the look!

More Fun 90’s Items

in spot pursuit blousein spot 2

In Spot Pursuit Vintage 90’s Blouse.  This blouse is everything the 90’s were all about!  I love the multi-colored polka dots on it and the pouf sleeves!  Vintage 80’s/90’s polyester blouse; white with black confetti pattern and multicolor polka dots across it. Buttons down the front with clear plastic buttons. Slightly puffy short sleeves, sleeves fall just below or above elbow depending on arm length with a pocket over left breast.  Measurements: size 12; bust: 21″; length: 25″ from shoulders to hem.  Price: $16.00

left and leafing 1left and leafing blouse 2

Left and Leafing Vintage 1990’s Polyester Blouse.  Vintage 80’s/90’s polyester blouse. Black with gold leopard print. Lapped material at shoulders, with lantern sleeves (bell out slightly and go in at the cuff), and black buttons down the front.  Measurements: size 10;  bust: 21″; waist: 21″; length from shoulders to hem: 21.5″.  Price: $12.00

sealed with a kiss 1sealed with a kiss 2

Sealed With a Kiss Sweater.  Vintage 1980’s/90’s oversized sweater.  100% acrylic.  Green and blue striped sleeves, asymmetrical red on the top with yellow stars.  Seal on the front of the sweater.  Measurements: size large; bust: 27″; length from shoulders to hem: 27″.  Price:  $24.00

india dress 5


The most important rule of all: LOVE THYSELF


There’s a new movement toward self-care and self-love in recent years that I find extraordinarily uplifting.  There’s one rule that I wish everyone everywhere would embrace:  LOVE THYSELF.  Second, but close to that, is love others.

What, exactly, is self-care?  Self-care is simply recognizing your needs and addressing them.  This is more of a challenge than it sounds for many people, but most especially it seems to be a problem for women.  I know so many amazing women that are so busy juggling families or careers or art or relationships or a combination of any or all of the above, that they forget to take a few minutes to address their own needs.

Most articles that I’ve read address self-care and self-love as if they are two entirely different ideas.  To me, however, they are one and the same.  If you don’t love yourself, you won’t take time to care for yourself.  If you care for yourself properly, you’ll experience more self-love.

Self-love does not mean narcissism.  Narcissism is an inordinate fascination with oneself, an excessive love of self.  I’m not encouraging that at all.  I’m encouraging you to LOVE and LIKE yourself.  These are key components in every intrapersonal relationship that you have.  If you can’t like yourself fully, you can’t expect your partner, or your children, or your boss to.  Confidence is truly beautiful and a person that likes him or herself will exude confidence.  Life’s little and big challenges are easier to tackle when you have confidence in yourself.  Rejection is easier to handle.  Everything in life is easier when you like yourself. I cannot preach this concept enough – it is vital to take time to really, really love yourself.

Let me step down from my soapbox for a moment here….I get it, it’s not easy to love yourself all of the time.  You don’t just wake up one day and say “Eureka, I love myself in every way!!”.  Self-love is a daily process, a work in progress.  That’s why self-care is so vital.  Daily self-care routines are the building blocks upon which self-love is built.

One of the features that I’m the most excited about working on for this blog is “Self-Love Advocacy“.  I will be your personal self-love advocate and cheerleader.  We will learn about, practice, and preach self-love together.  Every week, I will share interviews with other self-care advocates and inspirational women that have motivated and inspired me in my personal life.  I will share tips and ideas for self-care.  I will host giveaways for self-care products.  I will share my own struggle and journey toward self-love.  I’m so excited to be going on this journey with y’all!

Please, email me (geekbettyvintage@gmail.com) or comment with any requests of features that you’d like to see, your own story, or self-care tips that you might have!