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Meet GeekBetty

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Hi!  I’m the woman behind the blog, occasional model of vintage items (when I can’t talk someone else into modeling for me haha), lover of all things vintage and vintage inspired, and messy life guru.

This is me:


I love the 40’s and 50’s for their feminine silhouettes and patterns.  Dresses from the 30’s have really unique patterns, as women had to improvise and make clothing out of material they may not have used prior to the Great Depression.


I was in high school in the ’90’s so the first fashion icon that I can remember was Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Drew Barrymore.

I wasn’t ever as “showy” with my body as Gwen Stefani was – no belly shirts or anything like that.  Even back then, I bought almost my entire wardrobe from thrift shops.  I worked at Montgomery Ward (when it was still a thing :/) and was required to wear “career casual” clothing, so I was a big fan of black and white. I could easily throw on sweaters, button downs, and trousers as long as they were in monochrome colors.  I also had every haircolor imaginable when I was younger.

I loved Drew Barrymore times a thousand back then.  She had such a fun, free spirited fashion sense, mixed with a bad girl “fuck ya”feel that I highly identified with.

I bleached my hair to death trying to get her hair.  It was never quite “Drew” standards, but I didn’t care.  I have always had my own sense of style.  It didn’t matter what was popular or fashionable.  I never could afford name brand items (or when I could afford it, I didn’t see the point in spending that much for a logo).  I thrifted, mixed, matched, and wore whatever I felt like.  I didn’t care what other people thought of me …. okay, so I still don’t worry overly much about others’ opinions haha.

Me, in high school, the first time I ever cared about clothing:

As you can see, I wasn’t exactly stylish!  And look at my poor bleached hair.  Oy vay.  I can’t advocate enough for people to wear what they like and love and to wear it with panache!


In life?  Sally Ride, Jane Goodall, Margaret Mead, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Style?  Haley Atwell as Agent Carter from the Captain America movies.  This is a pretty great post about Agent Carter’s style.


I’d say my personal style is pretty eclectic.  I do love vintage clothing, and I adore dresses.  There’s a secret to why I wear so many dresses, though – I’m lazy!  Seriously.  With a dress, you don’t have to match anything.  Just throw it on and viola! instant outfit.  As I get older, I find myself wearing simple clothing on a daily basis: jeans, tees, cardigans, etc.  I still try to infuse my own personal sense of style into my everyday wear.  I love patterns and bright colors. Wait, and dark colors. And neutrals.  Okay, I love it all.


I’m strong.  Not physically.  I can’t even open a pickle jar.  I’m more of the survive a ton of crap and come out mostly unscathed type of strong.


Okay, so here’s where I’m going to get a little serious.  Maybe too serious for some of you.  I promised myself to keep this blog a little lighter and less personal than my previous blogs, but forgive me this one time.

When I was younger, I didn’t love myself.  I didn’t LIKE myself.  I didn’t value who I was and what I had to offer. I had spent my entire life believing that I didn’t deserve love.  As a result, I surrounded myself with people that also didn’t value or love me.  I had a ….rough…childhood.  I struggled with interpersonal relationships through my teens and twenties.  I never looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I never thought I was worthy of a good job, a nice house, etc.  This type of self-loathing poisoned my every interaction.

When I was thirty years old, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It was the first time I’d seen the doctor in years; I’d only made the appointment because I’d made a New Year’s Resolution to take better care of myself.  At first, I didn’t believe them. I mean, when they called to tell me at work, I said “whhhhhaaaaaatttt?????” and hung up.  AND DIDN’T CALL THEM BACK.  Seriously, they had to call me twenty minutes later, confused.  I was in total disbelief.

I spent the next year undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and countless doctor’s visits.  I was angry the entire time and felt sorry for myself.  “It isn’t fair,” I bemoaned, “why me?!”  Even then, in the middle of life-saving treatment, I didn’t love myself and my body enough to take proper care of myself.  I ate McDonalds every day (sometimes two times a day).  I didn’t get enough sleep.  I stayed out late drinking every night.  I didn’t take the medication that was prescribed, I didn’t trust anyone to help me and carried all of the stress myself.  I was a big ole mess.

Fast forward to the end of chemo.  The doctor gave me good news.  I went home and went straight to bed after work.  I couldn’t sleep so I just laid there and worried.  After a few hours of this, the worries sort of tapered into silence and I found myself listening to my body.  Really listening to it.  Maybe for the first time in my entire life.  Feeling air as it lifted my lungs, imagining that I could feel blood flow through my veins, hairs were presences on my body that I could count and name, every wrinkle suddenly shouted it’s origin story – “remember how much you laughed when you hung out with so and so? These crow’s feet by your left eye are an ode to that gal” and “you worry so much, that’s why I’m here in between your brows, a constant indentation where your scowl lives”.  I don’t know why it hit me at that moment, this awareness of my self  and my body, but it hit me like a truck.  Mowed me down.  Crushed me.  I realized that I liked many things about myself that I had never taken the time to think about before.

I didn’t hate my body – it was a machine that would carry me through this life.  It was the ONLY thing that would carry me through this life.  How COULD I hate it?  It was doing it’s job.  It needed my love and my help.  It was the only body I would ever have.  I was the ONLY ME that I would ever have.  How could I hate myself?  I COULD CHANGE the things that I genuinely didn’t like about myself and make a better “me”.

I know, I know, it sounds cliche and overly dramatic.  Hey, what can I say? I’m a cliche and overly dramatic type of gal.

Anyway, I didn’t just wake up the next day and love myself.  It took years of work, therapy (eek), loads of self-help books and articles, and constant reminders to myself to be nice, be good, be gentle, and never stop evolving.  I don’t ever think that someone is “better” than me anymore. I no longer question my worth. I recognize that I’m really great at some things and preeeettttty terrible at other things.  I may not be the hottest girl in any room, yet I’m not the ugliest either.  I’ve made a few mistakes, but I’ve also knocked it out of the ballpark more than once!  I LIKE myself finally and it feels wonderful.


Skin care products!


I’m a work-in-progress. Every day is one step forward, sometimes two steps back, three steps forward again.  I read quite a few books about self-improvement, self-love, and self-care.  If I feel ignorant about a subject, I make it a point to go learn about it. I am very aware of my faults and my flaws and I am never satisfied with them. I don’t excuse my behavior by blaming my past.  I attempt to fix it.


I take the looooongest showers imaginable.  It’s my time to think and feel and from time to time cry.  It’s “me” time every day.


I’m hoping to help with self-care and self-love tips, articles, blog posts, and interviews with badass women that I know.  I can’t wait to share some of the interviews with all of you!

Heart Of Gold – Class It Up For The Holidays!

heart 6

heart 3

My friend, Megan, has been sweet enough to model vintage items for me on a few separate occasions.  This was my favorite photoshoot that we have done to date.  Meg is extremely patient with my amateur attempts at photography and instructions.

A photoshoot with me sounds something like this:

“Could you like turn this way a little but no more that way….uh no do what you were doing before.  Shit, the camera wasn’t on.  Could you pretend I said something really funny?  I mean, I could make up a joke or something.  Did you hear the one about the dog that wanted to be president?  Oh. Well, I don’t know it anyway.  Pretend to laugh. Har har.  Uh. No look serious. Yeah that’s better.”

Bless Meg’s sweet heart for putting up with me!

heart 6

This is a vintage evening gown that I bought many moons ago and wore to a schmancy New Years Eve party and then never found a reason to wear it again.  This dress doesn’t look like much on the hangar but OWEEE does it hang just so on a woman’s body.  It is elegant and slinky looking, even if you don’t have an “elegant and slinky” type of figure.  Trust me, I’m more of a short and round body type and it looked good on me as well!  I loved this dress BEFORE I ever asked Meg to wear it on a chilly afternoon on a street corner downtown.  We got a few funny looks but I think it was well worth it.  Doesn’t she look lovely in this dress?

The dress doesn’t have a belt with it, but it does have belt loops.  On our way out the door to the shoot, I snagged a silk tie from my boyfriend and tied it around her waist.  Not a typical look and maybe this isn’t something everyone would wear.  I like how it looks, don’t you?

My hometown has some great old brick buildings scattered here and there.  The building shown in the background of this photo is the Town Square market, just around the corner from our fabulous coffee shop Longbranch Cafe and Bakery.  Longbranch has evolved since it’s early days, when I used to show up to open mic nights and read my crappy teen angsty poetry to a few bored people chugging coffee and ignoring me.  Oh, Longbranch, how I loved my afternoons in your dark backroom, poring over the free library and gossiping with my friends.  It has now become a bright, cheerful, adorable cafe.  One of my favorite places to grab coffee to this day!

heart 2

The Heart of Gold Dress is perfect for the upcoming holidays.  This dress will instantly make you feel glamorous.

Here’s a playlist to listen to you as you get dolled up in this dress.

Vintage 1970’s Heart of Gold Evening Gown. Semi-sheer (needs a slip under it), glittery gold and cream interwoven together. This dress positively melds itself to your body and has great flow and twirl to it. The skirt loves to be lifted and twirl in the wind. Sleeveless with cowl neckline. Has belt loops but no belt. Shown with a silk tie used as a belt. Full length gown.

This dress is in fabulous shape and is SUCH a dream to wear.

Tags: J.T. Jody Dress Company

Measurements: Size 12; bust: 18″; waist: 12″-17″; free from waist.

Price: $57.00 + s&h

Books and knit sweaters

knits 6

“The heath this night must be my bed,
The bracken curtain for my head,
My lullaby the warder’s tread,
Far, far from love and thee, Mary
To-morrow eve, more stilly laid,
My couch may be my bloody plaid,
My vesper song, thy wail, sweet maid!
It will not waken me, Mary!
I may not, dare not, fancy now
The grief that clouds thy lovely brow;
I dare not think upon thy vow,
And all it promised me, Mary.
No fond regret must Norman know;
When bursts Clan Alpine on the foe,
His heart must be like bended bow,
His foot like arrow free, Mary.
A time will come with feeling fraught!
For, if I fall in battle fought,
Thy hapless lover’s dying thought
Shall be a thought on thee, Mary
And if returned from conquered foes,
How blithely will the evening close,
How sweet the linnet sing repose
To my young bride and me, Mary.”

from “The Lady Of the Lake” by Sir Walter Scott


knits 6knits 5knits 4


It’s cozy sweater season!  These long rainy, cold afternoons demand that you wrap yourself in your favorite knit sweater and curl up with a book or a favorite T.V. show for the afternoon.

Cozy Knits are up in the GeekBetty Vintage Shop now!

Honey Bee True Dress

Honey Bee True Dress 1

One of my favorite things to do when I’m preparing a vintage item to sell is styling the item.  Sometimes, I style it in my mind and I don’t go as far as putting together an entire outfit around an item.  Sometimes, though, I can’t resist putting an outfit together.  There are so many great combinations that you can come up with from one item!

The Honey Bee True Dress was an item that I couldn’t resist styling.  On the hanger it looked a little baggy and frumpy.  I’m a HUGE fan of floral and patterns.  Huge.  More signs that I’m a grandma at heart.  When I saw this dress, I immediately envisioned a Pretty Woman style get together.  Pretty woman, post Rodeo Drive that is.

honey bee true dress styled 1

Maybe I wanted an excuse to wear a big brimmed hat.  Regardless, I like how it all came together.

Honey Bee True Dress 1

Sometimes, this job can be fun!

And those lovely handpainted leather sandals from the 1940’s will be available soon.

Midwestern Love Affair

plaid 5

I live in the Midwest, right dead center in the heart of it, in a small town in Southern Illinois.  I have friends that have moved to other countries and big cities and states that are far more popular to live in.  The area that I live in is as far south from Chicago as you can possibly get and still be in the same state.  It’s economically depressed.  It’s a place that people talk about “getting away from”.

I’m not one of those people.  I am in love with and will always be in love with the beauty of the area.  Illinois is a plains state, however the area that I live in butts up against Missouri and is rife with state parks, forests, lakes, ravines, swampy areas, and cliffs.  We live in the most beautiful part of Illinois, in my opinion.  We have extreme weather in winter (cold as a witch’s teet) and summer (burn yer feet off heat) and the most gorgeous springs and autumns that you could possibly imagine.

Part of what I want to do with my photosets, when I can talk some pal of mine into donning vintage clothing and posing in public, is to show off the beauty of my area, my favorite spots, and the local businesses.  Here are a few of my favorite shots of my friend and model in the streets of my current hometown.

This funky little gate is just around the corner from The Practice pad, a great little music shop that offers a variety of instruments and music lessons.

Our initial destination for the shoot was down the street from this area, just outside of a local salon Hair Brains, but I had to stop and get a picture of Megan next to this quirky little tree.

I love that there are so many gorgeous little details on every street in my town.  I love the trees, the cobblestone streets here and there, the old brick buildings, the fences – okay, I love most all of it.  I hope you enjoy my Midwestern love affair as much as I do!  I’ll try to share a little about each place that I take pictures so that you can enjoy Southern Illinois’ beauty.


Oh, and the Bedazzle My Heart Pants and the Plaidurday Date Dress are available to purchase on the shop today!  Click the links to check them out.

Suddenly Fab

india dress 5

india dress 2.1


There’s no better style for an up-and-coming working girl than this dress…. in 1990, that is.  This is a gal that works hard and plays harder!  She rocks out to Madonna but knows how to keep it classy and fun in the workplace.  On the weekends, she really let’s her hair down and sports fun prints, tons of jewelry, and a classic red pout.  She’s independent, witty, and she puts the F U in FUN.

We binge watched “Working Girl”, “Suddenly Susan” and “9 to 5” to get in the mood for this collection of clothing!  We love the free spirit mythos that went with early 90’s style.  It was all about accessories, patterns, bows, and FUN.  Our model Meg is keeping pretty true to the heart of early 90’s working girl style with a scarf knitted around her pixie locks and a gold brooch pinned to her lapel.


The India-ago-go dress is vintage early 1990’s; blue silk dress with allover french horn pattern. Jewel neckline with buttons down the front of the bodice to the waist, medic style closure to the left of the bodice. Navy blue plastic buttons, knee-length skirt. Long “leg o’ mutton” sleeves, slightly poufed at the shoulder and contains shoulder pads (would be fairly easy to remove shoulder pads). Buttons at the wrist. Has belt loops but does not have a belt with it.  Size: 10. Measurements; bust: 22″; waist: 16.5″ (has elastic, so there is some give here); hips: 22″; length: 41″.  Price: $42.00  

Adding a little 90’s flair to your wardrobe can really spice up a blah collection of clothing.  90’s fashion was so fun and fearless!  You don’t have to go full tilt, as we did with Meg’s look here.  You can add a fun blouse with a pencil skirt or a funky sweater with leggings and capture the spirit of the look!

More Fun 90’s Items

in spot pursuit blousein spot 2

In Spot Pursuit Vintage 90’s Blouse.  This blouse is everything the 90’s were all about!  I love the multi-colored polka dots on it and the pouf sleeves!  Vintage 80’s/90’s polyester blouse; white with black confetti pattern and multicolor polka dots across it. Buttons down the front with clear plastic buttons. Slightly puffy short sleeves, sleeves fall just below or above elbow depending on arm length with a pocket over left breast.  Measurements: size 12; bust: 21″; length: 25″ from shoulders to hem.  Price: $16.00

left and leafing 1left and leafing blouse 2

Left and Leafing Vintage 1990’s Polyester Blouse.  Vintage 80’s/90’s polyester blouse. Black with gold leopard print. Lapped material at shoulders, with lantern sleeves (bell out slightly and go in at the cuff), and black buttons down the front.  Measurements: size 10;  bust: 21″; waist: 21″; length from shoulders to hem: 21.5″.  Price: $12.00

sealed with a kiss 1sealed with a kiss 2

Sealed With a Kiss Sweater.  Vintage 1980’s/90’s oversized sweater.  100% acrylic.  Green and blue striped sleeves, asymmetrical red on the top with yellow stars.  Seal on the front of the sweater.  Measurements: size large; bust: 27″; length from shoulders to hem: 27″.  Price:  $24.00

india dress 5


The most important rule of all: LOVE THYSELF


There’s a new movement toward self-care and self-love in recent years that I find extraordinarily uplifting.  There’s one rule that I wish everyone everywhere would embrace:  LOVE THYSELF.  Second, but close to that, is love others.

What, exactly, is self-care?  Self-care is simply recognizing your needs and addressing them.  This is more of a challenge than it sounds for many people, but most especially it seems to be a problem for women.  I know so many amazing women that are so busy juggling families or careers or art or relationships or a combination of any or all of the above, that they forget to take a few minutes to address their own needs.

Most articles that I’ve read address self-care and self-love as if they are two entirely different ideas.  To me, however, they are one and the same.  If you don’t love yourself, you won’t take time to care for yourself.  If you care for yourself properly, you’ll experience more self-love.

Self-love does not mean narcissism.  Narcissism is an inordinate fascination with oneself, an excessive love of self.  I’m not encouraging that at all.  I’m encouraging you to LOVE and LIKE yourself.  These are key components in every intrapersonal relationship that you have.  If you can’t like yourself fully, you can’t expect your partner, or your children, or your boss to.  Confidence is truly beautiful and a person that likes him or herself will exude confidence.  Life’s little and big challenges are easier to tackle when you have confidence in yourself.  Rejection is easier to handle.  Everything in life is easier when you like yourself. I cannot preach this concept enough – it is vital to take time to really, really love yourself.

Let me step down from my soapbox for a moment here….I get it, it’s not easy to love yourself all of the time.  You don’t just wake up one day and say “Eureka, I love myself in every way!!”.  Self-love is a daily process, a work in progress.  That’s why self-care is so vital.  Daily self-care routines are the building blocks upon which self-love is built.

One of the features that I’m the most excited about working on for this blog is “Self-Love Advocacy“.  I will be your personal self-love advocate and cheerleader.  We will learn about, practice, and preach self-love together.  Every week, I will share interviews with other self-care advocates and inspirational women that have motivated and inspired me in my personal life.  I will share tips and ideas for self-care.  I will host giveaways for self-care products.  I will share my own struggle and journey toward self-love.  I’m so excited to be going on this journey with y’all!

Please, email me ( or comment with any requests of features that you’d like to see, your own story, or self-care tips that you might have!



Quiche Me Quick!

quiche 4caring and sheering apron 1


Bacon, Sausage, and Spinach Quiche Recipe


  • 1 uncooked pie crust
  • 8+ slices of bacon.  I like tons of bacon, so I added extra.  eek!
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 1/2 cup sausage crumbles, cooked
  • 6–9 eggs.  *This depends on how large a pan you are using.  See recipe notes for more about this.
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 2 tsp mustard powder
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • pinch of basil
  • 2 cups of cheese of your choice.  Cheddar is good with it, but I’ve also used monterey jack and provolone cheese as well as gouda.


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Cook the bacon.  *See recipe notes about cooking bacon.
  3. While bacon is cooking, melt the butter in a large saucepan and add the onion.  Allow the onion to cook until it is a dark golden brown, stirring occasionally.  You DON’T want it to get burnt at all.  Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool.
  4. Whisk eggs, cream, and milk together until fluffy.  And I mean, really whip that sucker.  I actually use a fork instead of a whisk at first and then switch to a whisk after it gets frothy.  You want it to be a little frothy and light looking.  *See notes about milk and cream.
  5. Add in salt, pepper, mustard powder, and thyme.  Stir to mix in well.
  6. Add the onion from the pan.  If you like a little extra buttery flavor, just pour it in there.  Most of the butter should have evaporated from cooking anyway.  If not, just use a slotted spoon and take out the onion.
  7. Add the bacon by tearing into small chunks.  Again, however big you like your bacon pieces is how big you want the chunks to be.
  8. Add the sausage and cheese.  Mix well.
  9. Press the pie crust into the pan that you will be using. Fold edges or crimp with a fork. *See notes about pans.
  10. Pour the egg mixture into the pie crust.  Loosely cover with foil and place it in the oven.
  11. Bake for 40-60 minutes.  I always set my timer for 40 minutes and start checking with a toothpick every ten minutes from then on.  If it is still wobbly in the middle, it’s definitely not done.  You want a toothpick to come out clean but you do not want to overbake it.  I repeat DO NOT overbake.  It will result in dry, cardboard like quiche.
  12. When a toothpick comes out clean, but just barely, remove the foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes until the pie crust is golden and the top of the quiche is a little golden as well.  You can add a bit more cheese on the top if you’d like at this point as well.
  13. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.
  14. Enjoy those noms!

Recipe Notes

*I’ve read several recipes that recommended baking your pie crust for a little while BEFORE adding the ingredients to it, to make sure it cooks thoroughly.  I tried it both ways, pre-baking the crust and baking the crust with the other ingredients.  Pre-baking it DOES make the crust bottom a little more crispy, however I think I prefer it slightly soggy.  I know, that sounds gross but it really isn’t.  It’s a personal preference I guess!

*The two recipes that I combined to create this dish said to cook the bacon until just before it’s crispy.  Some people like crispier bacon.  I like mine barely cooked.  I cooked my bacon for just a few minutes, way before it was close to being crispy.  This part is all up to you and how you like your bacon.  If you like it crispier (ya gross!) then go for it!

*You can add more or less milk or cream.  I’ve actually amended the recipe to reflect the extra tablespoons that I added.  The more milk and cream you add, the fluffier it will be.  You don’t want to add TOO much because it will get soggy.  Soggy is no good for quiche.

*You can use a regular pie pan for this or a tart pan.  I tried a longer more shallow dish as well as a smaller, deeper dish.  For quiche purposes, to keep it fluffy and not thin and dried out, a deeper dish is better for sure.  I used an 8-inch casserole dish for mine.





P.S. the Quiche Me Quick Vintage Day Dress and Sheering and Caring Apron will be available to purchase in the shop on Friday, November 20th!