Feminist Princesses

Feminist Princesses

I’ve been working on a blog post about great female superheroes to get your daughters started reading comic books.  I think comic books have evolved SO much in the past 25 years when I started reading them.  They are actually making a point of putting women in them that are strong and capable and intelligent – not just as love interests for the male superheroes.  It’s pretty great.  While googling “Gloria Steinem as a superhero” (because what feminist hasn’t googled that at least once, amiright?! (p.s. why hasn’t that been drawn yet? someone draw that please)) I discovered a great set of drawings of feminist women through the years AS DISNEY PRINCESSES.  This mashup makes me happy like whoa you would not believe.  I am printing them all and making them into paper dolls for my boyfriend’s three young daughters to play with.  I’m for real stoked about this!

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Found via the Atlantic.

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