Antique Feather Brooch


Real Dyed Feathers Fabulous Ribbon Wrapped Boutonniere


This is SUCH a beautiful statement piece. Not for the fashion faint of heart. Would be a lovely “something old” for a wedding.

Real feathers, dyed in ombre style shades of brown and yellow. Boutonniere style with dark blue ribbon wrapped bottom and early 1900’s c-clasp pin. The pin was cleaned to remove tarnish and feathers have been VERY gently cleaned. Dates from late 1800’s to early 1900’s according to previous owner. Fragile, handle and store with care.

9″ x 6″

Measurements are taken while laying flat, across and doubled. Measurements are taken from the outside of clothing, so keep that in mind when sizing. We do have cats and dogs in our household and try to keep them separated from any clothing items, however be aware that there may be pet dander present and you may need to wash items again if you have issues with allergies. All flaws are mentioned in the listing, as we see them. If a flaw slips past, we apologize. If no tags or information present, materials are best guesses. Remember that small imperfections and signs of wear or age almost always are to be expected with pre-owned items, even if they wouldn’t have any specific flaws. But this is what gives them all the individuality and history!

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