Vintage French Can-Can Dancer Necklace


Baroque Style Hand painted Pendant


Lovely and utterly unique French Can-Can Dancer Necklace. I haven’t found another quite like it through my research! It is the world famous dance that became synonymous with the heady days of the Belle Epoque, but the French Cancan still has the power to turn heads! You ‘can-can’ turn heads with this beauty!

Gold tone chain necklace features a baroque style pendant. Hand painted can-can dancer, raised dancer on red background, created through a metal mould. Set in gold tone setting with pale blue rhinestones. Dangling bow and floral shape with blue rhinestone adornment.

This is unmarked, not tested.

The red paint is slightly chipped and it the necklace shows some wear but overall in excellent condition.

Measurements: 13″ from clasp to bottom of pendant; pendant is 4″ long x 2″ wide.

Not adjustable.

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